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Singer: Pierre Laframboise

on Sunday, October 16
in Sudbury?

Stay an extra day! There are many things to enjoy

on Sunday after Rendezvous North has ended.

Enjoy the day!

The Grotto

Stroll through spiritual history and see the city from a great advantage point.


Art Gallery of Sudbury

While visiting Bell Park and walking the Board Walk, stop in and visit the Art Gallery of Sudbury.

Bell Mansion.jpg

Interested in hiking?
Check out the Rainbow Routes website for plenty of choices.

Active Trails Sudbury — Rainbow Routes Association

  • Onaping Falls where Group of Seven, A.Y. Jackson painted

  • Easy walks found in Kivi Park

Hill Climb.jpg

Explore being a miner and how this area evolved.

For those keen on learning about the origins of the Sudbury basin, mining,

and geology, visit Dynamic Earth

Dynamic Earth | Science North

Big Nickle_edited.jpg

Bell Park

Find the waterfront while walking through our historical park.

Bell Park1.png

Bay Used Books

Visit one of Northeastern Ontario’s largest used book stores - Bay Used Books on Elm Street, is just blocks from the McEwen School of Architecture.


Delve into an experiential world of science?

Spend some time visiting Science North

Science North.jpg

All Aboard! for the Capreol Train Museum.

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