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St. George, David

Workshop:  It’s Not Easy Being Green:  Arts and the Environment

St. George, David

A graduate of Cambrian College, David had spent near 15 years working to build community change through the charitable sector. Starting by developing ground-level efforts for the Canadian Red Cross, David shifted his focus to the environmental field through reThink Green a few years ago. Having worked to lead teams in many natural disaster responses at the Canadian Red Cross, he felt this was his chance to prevent these events before they occurred.  Now an expert in frontline waste reduction, David has built many carbon reduction plans for businesses and events in Northern Ontario. Small changes over time that are easy for people to understand is how David approaches every project. He believes living sustainably is a key strategy in growing social and economic efforts here in the north. When not working in community sustainability, David volunteers as a community television host with Eastlink TV.

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