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Kyla Heyming

Sudbury’s Poet Laureate


The city of Greater Sudbury’s 7th Poet Laureate, Kyla Heyming (KPH) is a bilingual writer that sets her soul in ink and paper with the help of her typewriter. Author of “For Those I Have Loved”, her poetry and non-fiction have appeared in a number of arts and literature journals. Her poems “Poet” and "How to Speak to my Mother" have been featured in the League of Canadian Poets’ “Poetry Pause”. Happy to be home once more in the North, she works tirelessly to help build the local literary community and to make it shine.

Don’t Be Shy, dit “Hi!”

Listen, même si tu ne comprends pas

ce que je te dis, 

tu comprends ce que je feel. 

This is real;

what’s happening now

c’est l’art qui saute des leaps and bounds

so that those who might’ve felt lost

now feel found. 

C’est l’art mon ami!

Que tu écrives, que tu paint,

que ta voix soit forte ou faint, 

on t’écoute, on t’entend, on te comprend

in a way that only art can make you feel understood. 

Je switch d’un mot à l’autre,

faute d’être bilingue mais fière de le faire

because it’s my art, mon point de repère. 

How can we not find our voice

au sein de nos paires 

tout autant passionés que nous?

You and I,

full of Northern pride

are gathered here to share

nos façons de faire with others.

Don’t be bothered, 

don’t hold back, 

the fact is qu’on est ici pour une raison. 

Parlons de notre pourquoi;

parlons de notre vécu;

but most of all

partageons notre cœur

dépourvu de connexion 

over the last few years

and the last hundred miles. 

We are not deterred by the distance

but rather resilient

à l’idée de se retrouver. 



contente de ton retour, 

j’ai hâte de passer ces prochains jours

with you. 

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