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Peralta Leiva, Claudio

Panel: We are One: Diverse Voices in the Arts

Peralta Leiva, Claudio

Claudio is “latino” (from Chile).  He arrived with his family about one year ago. He is studying HVAC at Cambrian College; however, when he lived in Chile, he worked as an industrial engineer for many years. Nevertheless, his passion has always been music. When he was a child, he studied in a music school. In his country, Claudio participated in different ensembles like classic, rock, pop, folklore, and many more music styles. Also, Claudio was always creating arts events in his old work (manager in an educational organization) since concerts, dance encounters, rock band battles, video clips, painting exhibitions, etc., leaving a legacy in the San Agustín de Atacama School.

He plays different instruments and has composed some folklore Chilean songs. Actually, he has a disc on Spotify called "Los Nietos de Peralta".

Arriving at Sudbury, he did not cut his passion; instead, that grew thanks to all this city's opportunities. In December 2021, He made his daughter's Christmas music video clip. Emi is very talented and is only 12 years old. and Sudbury Star covered the news, which caught the attention of Chilean media. She turned famous in her hometown. After, on March 8, they made a heartbreaking music video clip about women's rights, a big problem of femicide in Latin America. That song is a very recognized Mexican anthem. Claudio produced this video mixing his daughter singing with dancer performance images in the desert, sea, snow, and city places, including three countries, including Canada.

Last June, Claudio was part of the RENT musical (Sudbury Performance Group), and he has played in different places showing his Latin music.   Now, Claudio is participating in "Dance on Screen" project, where he is the composer, when he has the mission to create music to one video joining Italy, Venezuela, Guyana y Chilean folklore.   Finally, Claudio feels very happy in Sudbury and hopes this city continues giving opportunities to him and his family.

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