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O’Hearn, Patrick

Workshop: Creating Successful Festivals and Events

O’Hearn, Patrick

Patrick has been managing director of Cinéfest since 2006. He has a proven track record in large-scale event planning and management, developing public sector and community-based partnerships to introduce significant projects, and developing and implementing strategies for the achievement of the Cinefest’s vision and growth. In 2007 he worked with Cinéfest to develop and introduce Laugh Out Loud Sudbury Comedy Festival. In 2012 he was a member of the management team that led the transition of Music and Film in Motion to Cultural Industries Ontario North (CION), an organization dedicated to promoting and growing Northern Ontario’s film, television and music production industries. Patrick has sat on a number of provincial and national advisory committees and juries including the Canadian Council of Music Industry Associations, Factor’s National Advisory Board, and chaired the crafts jury for the 2017 edition of the Canadian Screen Awards. Patrick is a graduate of Laurentian University with a degree in English and a minor in Business Administration.

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