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Nookomis Julie Ozawagosh

Indigenous Elder

Reside at Atikameksheng Anishnawbek (Whitefish Lake First Nation).

My work over 20 years plus with Anishnawbek organization in N’Swakamok Native Friendship Centre (Sudbury) has opened the path to healing and as a survivor of the St. Joseph Residential School, Spanish, Ontario. I understand the multi-generational trauma of residential school and Sixty Scoop eras. 

Currently, active with non-profit organizations and the different levels of education bodies in the Sudbury and First Nations in surrounding areas that support Native interests and issues by providing cultural perspectives, teachings and supports.  My path focuses on culture revitalization and indigenous health and spirituality. Through my work as Nookomis Julie, I’ve gained a deep understanding and compassion for the spiritual and educational needs of Anishnawbe people. 

With my husband Frank, we humbly walk together with traditional knowledge and ceremonies.  As we journey on the Sweetgrass Road and many gifts that have been shown to us.   

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