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Langlois, Michela

Workshop: Harness the Digital Revolution in the Arts

Langlois, Michela

Michela is an in-house designer and the president of the Sudbury Design Society. Her work is rooted in research and user-experience data, which helped create campaigns and fundraising initiatives, like the million-dollar campaign at the Health Sciences North Foundation for new equipment. With a career focus with non-profits, Michela was asked to join the Sudbury Design Society (SDS), an organization that has grown into a community built by designers, for designers. She works as a part of the leadership team on the working board to empower and elevate designers and creatives alike here in Sudbury.  


Though the years, she has continued toeing the line between academic studies and design. Becoming a Provisional RGD through the Association of Registered Graphic Designers, an Ambassador for Wattpad working with Machine Learning and Data, while studying to complete the Project Management Certification and working towards a shift from front end development to back-end development to pursue an interest in the tech industry. 

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