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  Northern Ontario Arts Symposium 


Venue: McEwen School of Architecture in Sudbury

Welcome All Northern Artists

Artist: Monique Legault

Rendezvous North acknowledges and gives thanks to the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek and Wahnapitae First Nations for their generosity, diligence, and patience in sharing, caring for, and carrying on the original teachings of Creation, the truest intentions of the Treaties, honouring the land, the spirits, and the collective dreams of our ancestors since time immemorial.

Success Stories

What is Rendezvous North?

Innovative Panels

Inspiring Speakers



Rendezvous North is an exciting, inspiring two day Arts Symposium where members of communities both large and small meet to learn, exchange ideas, and grow stronger.

What can two short days do for an artist?

Arouse creativity and define direction.

What can two short days do for a community?

You’ll be surprised!

Come join us and find out.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for!

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Rewarding Experiences

Networking Opportunities

Celebrating Diversity

Northern Entertainment

VENUE McEwen School of Architecture

The McEwen School of Architecture opened in downtown Sudbury in September of 2013,  the first new school of architecture to be built in Canada in 40 years. Its mandate:  to provide a uniquely integrated, uniquely focused education to Indigenous, Anglophone, and Francophone students.

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